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Mt. Jinggangshan, The Cradle of The Chinese Revolution
China Travel Guide - Travel in Jiangxi

Mt. Jinggangshan

Mt. Jinggangshan (jǐng gāng shān 井冈山) is located on the common boundary of Jiangxi Province (jiāng xī shěng 江西省) and Hunan Province (hú nán shěng 湖南省), 352 kilometers southwest from Nanchang (nán chāng 南昌). It was these natural indentations that gave the mountain its name of Jing, meaning well and gang, meaning ridge - hence 'Jinggang'. The mountain has great significance in the annals of modern Chinese history for it was here that important events during the Chinese revolution took places.

CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base
China Travel Guide - Travel in Jiangsu

  CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base
CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base
(wú xī yǐng shì jī dì 无锡影视基地) is located at the bank of Lake Taihu (tài hú 太湖), Wuxi City (wú xī shì 无锡市), occupying a total area of over 100 acres. It is the first large scaled base for movie and TV shooting and for tourism built in China. Constructed in 1987, it is the nation’s first theme park incorporating movie and TV culture and tourism. With its unique functionality and charms it has been attracting nearly one hundred movie/TV production units every year, at the same time, over 2 million tourists have come here each year. CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base is regarded as the “Oriental Hollywood”(dōng fāng hǎo lái wū 东方好莱坞).

How to Address People in Chinese
China Living Tips - Communication & Others

When introducing people in Chinese, the order is surname first, title second.

The Chinese seldom call each other by their full name or last name, unless they are close friends or members of the immediate family. When addressing people, it is common practice to use titles like
    Mr, xiānshēng 先 生
    Mrs, fūren 夫 人
    Miss , xiǎojiě 小 姐.
The title is placed after the first name, thus Miss Zhuo is Zhuo? xiǎojiě in Chinese.

Nanjing Normal University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Nanjing Normal University(NNU) is an old university with a history of over one hundred years. Quite old thougt it is, NNU is still advacing. It is a key university of Jiangsu Province, and is even among those universities of “211 Project” which is fully backed up by the government. 

Thirty-Six Strategies 21-24
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

21.Shed Your Skin Like The Golden Cicada
The cicada sheds its skin intact, so that the shell looks like a real cicada. Similarly, outnumbered generals or those who were targets for assassination created false impersonations of themselves to escape danger. When use it for military affairs, you can create the illusion that you are where your opponent expects you to be. Meanwhile, you can put your energies into your real plans.
兔死狗烹 (tù sǐ gǒu pēng)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom

altDuring the Spring and Autumn Period (chūn qiū 春秋时期,770-476 BC), there were two famous senior officials in the State of Yue. The King of the Yue named Gou Jian didn't accept the advice of Fan Li and blindly launched an attack against the neighboring State of Wu. As a result, he suffered disastrous defeat and was caught by the King of Wu. The King of Wu took him back and had him as a slave. Fan Li persuaded him to endure humiliation, pretend to surrender and wait for an opportunity to avenge.